Meet Our Team


 Lebanese Masseuse

She is Expert in energy transformation, extremly relaxants

Massages therapies for body and soul

Experience Shangri Beyond Resort in Beirut and Sharm …

Relaxing treatments and

Regenerating at the highest sensory level,

she brings you to a gently engaging for a very very pleasant relaxing time


 Italian Masseuse

Experience in Thermae Park Hotel

expert in Decontracting and RelaxingMassages

Seriousness glide to a complete special moments  and

Total energy regeneration


Italian Masseuse

Expert in Stretching Decontracting Massages and Total Relax

Experience in Guerlain Spa of NewYork

Style and ed elegance,

for deep di relaxation, profound and total

highest sensory level.


Greek Masseuse

expertize in art of pure massage ..

Reception Experience in  many Mediterranean Resort

… Wit, charm and sweetness and light leading into a heady emotional world

… Unique rejuvenating experience.


Italian Masseuse

Thirty years of experience Shiatsu Masunaga

teacher of relaxation and gentle gymnastics techniques

SPA reception in hotels and prestigious Spa in Rome and Lazio


Italian Masseuse

Holistic Wellness Masseuse CSEN,

ATS° osteopathy CROMM, Thai Massage GDS,

Linfo Ayurvedic Maha Atharva Veda Rome,

Kundalini & Tantric Yoga Efoa, Decontracting Diabasi.

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